Steve Nygard

Class-dump 3.2 Is Now Available

A new version of class-dump is now available. You can download it from the links on the class-dump project page. It is built for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

This release includes support for Objective-C 2.0 on both 32 bit (iPhone) and 64 bit (Mac OS X). It shows class properties and handles all documented property attributes. Unrecognized property attributes are noted in a comment following the property declaration. class-dump also shows optional protocol methods. The Objective-C garbage collection status of each file is included in the output, as either “Unsupported”, “Supported”, or “Required”.

To support 64 bit files, class-dump is built as a 64 bit executable. A 32 bit executable (class-dump-32) is provided for 32 bit systems, but it doesn’t handle 64 bit files.

Internally, class-dump now stores the architectures as a cpu type, cpu subtype pair, instead of a string. This was necessary to handle unknown architectures such as the iPhone. For architectures without a recognized name, you can specify them as <cpu type>:<cpu subtype>, values are hex with an optional “0x” prefix. For example, you can use --arch 0xc:0x6 or simply --arch c:6. The –list-arches option will also list unknown architectures in this format.

If you find class-dump useful, I am now accepting donations to support its development. There is a donation button next to the download link on the project page. Thanks!

As always, you can send bug reports to me at nygard at

2009-07-05: I’ve fixed the .tar.bz2 packages. Ever since 3.1, my packaging script has been creating a .tar.gz, then bzip2 compressing the result and calling it a .tar.bz2.