Steve Nygard

Class-dump 3.3.4 Is Now Available

Lion’s been out for about six weeks now, so it’s time to release an updated version of class-dump. Especially when the old version gets assertion failures on Lion! So here it is, version 3.3.4. You can download this version from the class-dump project page.

class-dump now handles two more types:

  • _Complex, which fixes a parse error on that has been a problem for a long time
  • long double, encoded as ‘D’; this is only used in a couple of frameworks/apps

And three more load commands:


You can see the rest of the changes in 3.3.4 on that page.

This version is built as a 64-bit Intel executable, supporting 10.6 or later. (10.6 means no more PPC support, and there’s not really any reason to support a 32-bit version any more.)

I’ve switched from Mercurial to Git, and moved the source repository to Github. The latest source is now available at the class-dump git repository at github.

As always, you can send bug reports to me at nygard at